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Ultrasound Technologist

Job Title: Ultrasound Technologist

Location: US-FL-Eglin AFB

We are seeking a full-time Ultrasound Technologist in support of the Operating Room at Eglin Hospital at Eglin AFB, Fort Walton Beach, FL.

* Excellent Compensation & Exceptional Comprehensive Benefits!
* Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Time, Plus 11 Paid Federal Holidays!

* Medical/Dental/Vision, STD, LTD and Life Insurance, Health Savings Account available, and more!
* Annual CME Stipend and License/Certification Reimbursement!

* Matching 401K!


Work Schedule:

Monday through Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm, to include unpaid lunch break.

Very limited On-Call and Call-Back

Specific Tasks:

  • The contracted Ultrasound Technician shall assist in treating patients that are scheduled, walk-ins, referrals and emergencies when required by the Flight Commander, to ensure access standards are met during deployments, unscheduled absences, or when limited technician staffing dictates. Provide professional Ultrasound services and programs to all Government beneficiaries including active duty military, military family members, DoD civilians, and retirees.
  • Receive patients and explain procedures, providing humane and appropriate care and communication to alleviate fear of examination. Correctly position the patient for the examination and make adjustments necessary for the required examination. Determine if any special patient preparation is required.
  • Operate facility provided ultrasound scanners. Operate the linear, sector, and endovaginal probes as well as pulse and color Doppler capabilities of provided scanners. Receive and interpret requests or instructions for diagnostic ultrasound scans; perform daily warm up and assigned quality control checks of the ultrasound scanners.
  • Perform a full range of diagnostic ultrasonic examinations including but not limited to placental Doppler studies; obstetrical sonography, including imaging of all fetal anatomy in order to obtain accurate dating and growth parameters and evaluate for fetal abnormalities and problems with the pregnancy; pelvic sonography, including imaging of all pelvic anatomy to attain accurate assessment of suspected pathology; and endovaginal sonography exams to obtain accurate assessment of suspected pelvic pathology.
  • Perform numerous complex sonographic scanning on all anatomical areas for in-utero, neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. Includes fixed and portable scanners.
  • Assists radiologist and/or other physicians in performing invasive diagnostic techniques such as biopsies, aspirations and intraoperative localization of lesions, or other similar procedures. Identify abnormalities during testing and determine need for additional scans of affected area.
  • Recognize anatomic variants and determine which other area(s) of the body should be scanned. Use a detailed understanding of diseases of anatomy to accomplish effective ultrasound scanning.
  • Advise the radiologist of results of the examination and provide them with a preliminary diagnosis. Notify radiologist of significant scans requiring immediate attention.
  • Maintain and clean ultrasound equipment on a regular basis in accordance with Radiology department standards. Stock and maintain an adequate level of supplies required to ultrasound examinations.
  • Recommend necessary monthly repairs when diagnostic quality is degraded. Make minor adjustments on equipment.
  • Differentiate artifacts from normal or pathological processes and recognize electronic equipment limitations.
  • Program the examination equipment, set up the machine and scanning techniques to be employed.
  • Review new developments in the field by reading journals and attending meeting when possible and recommend to supervisor those changes which would improve the operation of the ultrasound section.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.
  • Recognize the need for and institute the necessary emergency measures for situations where a person requires resuscitation procedures due to cardiac or respiratory arrest.
  • The HCW shall be responsible for precepting ultrasound phase II clinical students.


Minimum Qualifications:

* Education: Graduate from an academic program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).
* Experience: Shall have at least 2 years’ experience within the last 4 years and have provided services as an independent Sonographer for a minimum of 12 months within the last 24.

* Clinical Certification: Certified by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) in Ultrasound studies.

* Life Support Certifications: Possess ARC or AHA BLS certification.

* Security: Must be able to pass a Government background check and obtain a Government security clearance.

Nurse Practitioner - Family Practice (Medical Standards)

Job Title: Nurse Practitioner - Family Practice (Medical Standards)

Location: US-NV-Nellis AFB


Seeking a Family Health Nurse Practitioner for either a temporary or permanent, full-time position supporting Family Practice Medical Standards at the Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV.

* Excellent Compensation & Exceptional Comprehensive Benefits!
* Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Time, Plus 11 Paid Federal Holidays!

* Medical/Dental/Vision, LTD/STD/Life and Health Savings Account available, and more!
* Annual CME Stipend and License/Certification Reimbursement!

* Matching 401K!


Work Schedule:
Monday – Friday: 9 hours between 7:00am and 5:00pm, to include a 1 hour lunch break.

No Holidays/No Weekends

Occasional Overtime

Job Specific Details and Tasks:

• Shall provide outpatient health care to qualifying beneficiaries as scheduled by the Government.
• Care shall include but not be limited to continuing, comprehensive health maintenance and medical care to entire family regardless of sex, age, or type of problem.
• Will maintain a program of comprehensive health for the family unit, to include preventive medicine, behavioral sciences, and community health.
• May become the primary care manager for a panel of patients. As a PCM, will be the primary person responsible for the management of the health and wellness of his/her assigned patients. Duties include:
• Examination of patients, formulation differential diagnostic plans, defines and orders required diagnostic testing.
• Interpretation of examination findings and test results, and implementation of treatment plans.
• Determines need for consultation and assists in medical care and treatment provided at the direction of other specialists.
• Approving/disapproving subspecialty referrals.
• Answering patient telephone consults with the assistance of clinic staff.
• Providing primary and secondary preventive maintenance care.
• All inpatients will be admitted as per the local MTF instructions.
• Be capable of adequately diagnosing and treating a wide-range of pediatric and adult acute and chronic diseases and injuries including but not limited to conditions of the:
Skin Pulmonary System
Head Gastrointestinal System
Eyes Musculoskeletal System
Ears Genitourinary System
Nose Reproductive System
Throat Lymphatic System
Neck Central Nervous System
Cardiovascular System Endocrine System
Psychiatric and Behavioral Health
• Have sufficient experience to be able to adequately perform medical procedures to include, but not limited to, the following:
Basic Life Support
Advanced Life Support
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Secure and maintain an adequate airway to include endotracheal intubation
Cardioversion of life threatening arrhythmias
Simple minor surgical procedures: punch biopsies, excision of skin lesions
Simple abscess incision and drainage
Nail trephination
Sling or swath injuries
Lumbar puncture
Suture simple laceration
Suture removal
Tube thoracostomy
Nebulizer treatment
Urine catheterization
Cultures (throat, wound)
Suprapubic tap
Remove ocular, nasal and ear foreign bodies
Clearing of ears by flush technique
Reduce simple dislocations and fractures, when appropriate
Bandaging of sprains, minor burns, and minor lacerations
Perform venous punctures for lab studies and interpret results
Draw arterial blood gases for evaluation and interpret results
Administer intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous medications as appropriate
Stabilize and evaluate cervical spine injuries as appropriate
Splint and stabilize traumatic injuries to extremities
• Ensure a safe work environment and employee safe work habits.
• Prepare records and reports as required in support of services rendered in accordance with established procedures.
• Attend and participate in patient care reports, patient care conferences, team conferences, professional staff conferences and other appropriate professional activities only to the extent that such attendance and participation is relative to his/her assigned cases and/or performance of services as determined by the supervisor.


Minimum Qualifications:

* Education: MSN or DNP degree for Nurse Practitioner (Family and/ or Geriatric Specialty)
* Experience: 1) Successful completion of an accredited MSN or DNP Nurse Practitioner (Family and/or Geriatric Specialty). 2) Have at least 24 months of experience as a Nurse Practitioner within the last 36 months. 3) Outpatient experience highly preferred though not required.

* Licensure: Possess current unrestricted Nurse Practitioner (NP) license any state.
* Life Support Certification: Possess current ARC or AHA BLS, ACLS and PALS certification.
* Security: Possess the ability to pass a government background check/security clearance.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Location: US-VA-Langley AFB


Seeking full time Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for a full-time position supporting 633 Medical Group Langley AFB, VA

Independent Contractor (1099) or W2 options

W2 option includes:
* Excellent Compensation & Exceptional Comprehensive Benefits!
* Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Time, Plus 11 Paid Federal Holidays!

* Medical/Dental/Vision, STD/LTD/Life, Health Savings Account available, and more!
* Annual CME Stipend and License/Certification Reimbursement!

* Matching 401K!


Work Schedule:

Monday - Friday 6:30am - 3:30pm.

No Call

No Weekends


Job Specific Position Duties: The duties include, but are not limited to the following:

• Manage patient anesthesia experience, perform preoperative evaluations and preparations, administer monitored anesthesia care, regional and general anesthesia, monitor and manage patient reactions to anesthesia and surgery, manage fluid therapy, perform and manage invasive monitoring, and perform post operative evaluations as privileged by the MTF Credentials Committee.
• Perform a pre-anesthetic assessment and evaluation of the patient. This includes obtaining an informed consent from the patient, requesting consultations and/or diagnostic studies and ordering pre-anesthetic medications.
• Develop and implement an anesthetic plan of care.
• Perform an assessment immediately prior to induction of anesthesia of the patient. This shall include a review of the medical record with regard to completeness, pertinent laboratory data, time of administration and dosage of pre-anesthesia medication, together with an appraisal of any changes in the patient's condition from that noted on previous visits. This note shall include any previous anesthetic experiences and complications thereof noted in the medical record.
• Maintain the patient's physiologic homeostasis and corrects abnormal responses to the anesthesia and/or surgery.
• Collect and interpret patient physiological data by selecting, applying or inserting noninvasive monitoring modalities.
• Manage the patient's airway and pulmonary status.
• Manage the patient's emergence and recovery from anesthesia by maintaining homeostasis, providing relief from pain and anesthesia side effects and preventing and managing complications through selecting, obtaining, ordering and administrating medications, fluids or ventilator support.
• Record all pertinent events taking place during the introduction of, maintenance of and emergence from anesthesia, including the dosage and duration of all anesthetic agents, other drugs, intravenous fluids and blood or blood components on all patients that have received anesthesia care.
• Record post-anesthetic visits, including at least one note describing the presence or absence of anesthesia related complications of the procedure.


Minimum Qualifications:

* Education: Master's degree in nursing. Graduate from an academic program approved by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Programs (COA).
* Experience: Required to demonstrate clinical competency within the past two years in the required clinical discipline

* Licensure: Current, full, active, and unrestricted CRNA license and Registered Nursing license from any state.

* Clinical Certification: NBCRNA (National Board for Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists) and AANA (Registered Nurse Anesthetist from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists)

* Life Support Certifications: BLS/ACLS/PALS

* Security: Must be able to pass a government background check and obtain a government security clearance.

Registered Nurse - Outpatient

Job Title: Registered Nurse - Outpatient

Location: US-NC-Camp Lejeune



Seeking a full time Registered Nurse (RN) in support of the Wayne Caron Clinic at the Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune, NC 


* Excellent Compensation & Exceptional Comprehensive Benefits!

* Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Time, Plus 11 Paid Federal Holidays! 

* Medical/Dental/Vision, STD/LTD/Life and Health Savings Account available!

* Annual CME Stipend and License/Certification Reimbursement!

* Matching 401K!




Work Schedule:

Monday - Friday, 8.5 hours between 7:00am and 5:00pm

No weekends

No holidays

No on call or call back 


Job Specific Details and Tasks:  

* Maintain a level of productivity comparable with that of other individuals performing similar services. 

* Participate in peer review and performance improvement activities.

* Practice aseptic techniques as necessary. Comply with infection control guidelines to include the proper handling, storage, and disposal of infectious wastes, and the use of universal precautions to prevent the spread of infection. 

* Function with an awareness and application of safety procedures.

* Perform efficiently in emergency patient situations following established protocols, remaining calm, informing appropriate persons, and documenting events. Anticipate potential problems/emergencies and make appropriate interventions. Notify supervisor, director, or other designated person regarding problems that the HCW is unable to manage.

* Apply an awareness of legal issues in all aspects of patient care and strive to manage situations in a reduced risk manner.

* Participate in the implementation of the Family Advocacy Program as directed. .

* Exercise awareness and sensitivity to patient/significant others' rights, as identified within the MTF.

* Maintain an awareness of responsibility and accountability for own professional practice.

* Participate in continuing education to meet own professional growth.

* Actively participate in the command’s Performance Improvement Program. Participate in meetings to review and evaluate the care provided to patients, identify opportunities to improve the care delivered, and recommend corrective action when problems exist.

* Participate in the provision of in-service training to clinic staff members. Provide training and/or clinical direction as applicable to supporting government employe¬es (e.g., hospital corpsmen, students, etc.).

* Attend and participate in various meetings as directed.

* Perform timely, accurate, and concise documentation of patient care.

* Operate and manipulate automated systems such as CHCS, AHLTA, ADS, Essentris, MHS Genesis and Clinical Information System (CIS), participate in clinical staff Performance Improvement (PI) and Risk Management (RM) functions, as prescribed by the Commander. Maintain DOD email account as directed. The HCW shall be responsive to all email and voicemail communications.

* Exercise appropriate clinical delegation of tasks and duties in the direction and coordination of health care team members, patient care, and clinic activities.





Minimum Qualifications:

* Education: Possess a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing, a Graduate Diploma in Nursing, or an Associate Degree in Nursing, from an accredited agency such as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).  

* Experience: Must have at least 1 years of full clinical experience within the last 2 years as a Registered Nurse. 

* Licensure: Current, unrestricted RN license from any state.

* Life Support Certification: Current AHA or ARC BLS Certifications.

* Security: Must possess ability to pass a Government background check/security clearance.

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